It’s Super Bowl Sunday—Do You Know Where Their Eyeballs Are?
Sebastien Hernoux
10 February 2022

As published in Adweek on February 10, 2022

As we count down the final hours to Super Bowl 56, there’s only one question left to answer—what the question is, though, depends on whether you are a viewer or a marketer. For fans, of course, the question is whether the LA Rams or Cincinnati Bengals will dominate the gridiron. But for marketers, it’s not about the battle for the Lombardi Trophy—it’s about the battle for eyeballs.

With a $7 million sticker price for a 30-second spot during this year’s game, marketers are understandably laser-focused on how many people are going to tune in during Super Bowl 56. However, ratings only tell part of the story. Savvy marketers should be asking a more complex and revealing question about their Super Bowl investments: How much attention was being paid to my ad?

To read more about the importance of attention as a metric click HERE.

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