Is agility part of strategy or is it an unnecessary distraction?

Mark Murray Jones, Chief Strategy Officer EMEA, joined LinkedIn’s Live with Marketers virtual panel to discuss the necessary balance between agility and strategy. Click here to watch the full episode. 


In this episode of Live with Marketers, LinkedIn brought together a panel of media leaders to discuss a topic that has been at the forefront of all conversations over the last 12 months, should marketers trust agility over strategy?  

Mark Murray Jones, Chief Strategy Officer EMEA, shared how OMD has been agile with not only its strategy for clients but also within its teams by striking a balance between marketing fundamentals with testing and learning at speed. This balance further deepened OMD’s rapid response capabilities by developing aAct Fast Framework which provides roadmap to navigate the complex decisions now and, in the weeks, and months ahead.  

Mark also highlighted the importance of strategy especially during the uncertainty and everchanging marketing landscape as “uncertainty breeds a requirement for strategic thinking…we need to think differently and join the dots in a very complicated and fast-moving circumstance.” 

Reflecting on the past year’s ways of working and what has changed for the better, Mark is hoping to keep carrying on working purposefully for both him and for clients as the pandemic has shown more than ever how to spend time more effectively and productively.  

Watch the full panel discussion on what agility means to the panellists as they share how they’ve needed to be agile with their strategy and their teams – and how these fit into their wider objectives. 


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