Infographic: General Consensus on the New Normal Is a Mix of ‘Meh’ and Cynicism
11 July 2021

As published by Adweek on 7/11/21

Written by Nicole Ortiz

Shortly after the pandemic hit the U.S., many people made concessions and realized that what we were dealing with would have long-lasting effects. Now, as vaccines are more readily available and infection rates have drastically dropped, the majority of Americans are still feeling concerned about Covid-19 and cautious about the future.


Reentry is occurring in stages, with consumers showing distinct differences in readiness and attitudes across activities, purchases, demographics and mindsets. For marketers, that means taking a far more targeted and customized approach to messaging and investment. ” - Pamela Marsh, Managing Director, Primary Research, OMG NA

To see the infographic and read more about the New Normal click here.

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