How Omnicom’s Data Platform Helps Clorox Clean Up
7 February 2022

As published in Adweek on February 7, 2022

Written by Olivia Morley

A stay-at-home parent with young children and an elementary school teacher may use the same Clorox product, but prefer different advertisements.

The brand needed to find a way to reach individual consumers with customized messaging, but before July 2020, when it consolidated all media with Omnicom’s largest media agency, OMD, it relied on disconnected data to plan and execute on its media strategy. The Clorox marketing team used syndicated data from companies like MRI to understand target audiences’ purchase behavior, and its agencies tapped into data on media consumption habits. But as it was, there was no way to send personal messages to individual consumers, making it harder for the brand to build connections with all the people who buy Clorox products for similar but slightly different reasons

“We want this to be the central source of information that we use across all of the teams...It allows us to very easily give [the data] to a creative agency that maybe is not an Omnicom agency or to clients to also use.” -Ellen Griffin, OMD Managing Director

To read more about the Omni platform click HERE.

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