How OMD’s Attention Planning Tool Transforms Campaign Strategy
15 July 2022
Tracking consumer attention for optimal media placement

As published in Adweek on July 15, 2022, written by Olivia Morley

Omnicom Media Group’s largest agency, OMD, found a way to measure attention and harness those metrics, which it now uses in client planning. The Attention Requirement Calculator (ARC) was built with Omnicom’s data strategy arm Annalect. The company tells Adweek the tool automates attention-informed planning to make clients’ media spend more efficient and effective.

“Attention impacts every stage of the design process, and it closes the chasm between strategic planning and strategic investment,” said Chrissie Hanson, global chief strategy officer at OMD.

Here’s how it works

The tool determines how advertisers must engage consumers if they want to achieve a desired outcome. It tells planners which content formats on which platforms will be most effective for a particular brand or product.

If the tool recommends the ad should engage consumers for 3 seconds, “then you need to consider what channel and platform will provide that amount of mental availability to the audience.” said Philip Lincoln, managing director of communications planning at OMD.

To learn more about the ARC tool and how it makes for an attention-informed media plan, click HERE.

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