How COVID-19 is changing the future of advertising
14 Abril 2020

Manning Gottlieb OMD Chief Strategy Officer, Paddy Adams, spoke to Campaign Magazine about how COVID-19 is changing the future of the advertising industry. 


“I’m not sure this really is a moment to pause, reflect and think – at least not yet. Hopefully, we’ll get there in time, but for now it’s a moment of rapid adjustment to a new reality (and trying to write trends decks whilst a four-year-old throws Lego bricks at your head). That said, there are definitely things I’d like to see continue beyond the lockdown.”


  1. A greater culture of collaboration. Not something we’ve ever had an issue with at MG OMD, but heartening to see how quickly (and brilliantly) small groups of people can crack a problem together.
  2. More solidarity with our clients. Being a service industry can sometimes mean a strange power dynamic between clients and agencies, but there’s nothing like a common enemy to bring people together.
  3. Better meeting etiquette. Virtual meetings seem to start on time and often have an actual agenda. Let’s keep it up.


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