Future of TV Briefing: How Amazon, Roku and YouTube stepped up in this year’s upfront market
14 July 2021

As published by Digiday on 7/14/21

Written by Tim Peterson

The Future of TV Briefing this week looks at how the competitive playing field changed between Amazon, Roku and YouTube versus traditional TV network owners for advertisers’ dollars in this year’s upfront market.

2021 was a leap year for streaming-only sellers in the TV advertising upfront marketplace.

Of course, it helps that, in this year’s upfront, the streaming-only sellers addressed advertisers’ qualms with their content by offering show-level transparency through data clean rooms. But advertisers also have seen the stats that support updating their assessments. Stats like more than 120 million people in the U.S. watch YouTube on TV screens and the Google-owned video platform matched Netflix’s share of total TV watch time.

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“It’s all about finding audiences with the right messages at the right time and in the right place and for the right price, and having Google in that consideration set is very important for the evolution of where consumption has gone and where clients need to be playing. You can’t just think of the world as you always have.” -Geoff Calabrese, CIO, OMG

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