CES 2021 x OMD Italy: Robots
22 February 2021

The first ever, four-day virtual CES took place 11-14th January 2021 – the exciting week was filled with product highlights, ancillary partners and exhibitor programing. Despite the impact of COVID-19 felt around the world, the innovation we all know and love from CES transported us into our remote headquarters.

To continue the conversation on the emerging insights and tech trends from CES, discover what OMD Italy has to say on the 5 key trends that were shared this year. The first big trend is about robots.


Robot: The new born Pinocchio

Lorenzo Dragoni, Business Development Manager at OMD Italy said this:

“Who knows if when Collodi wrote the first episode of Pinocchio in 1883 (to pay off gambling debt), he already had the future in mind 150 years later? One of the trends that CES 2021 showed is that developments of automata combined with AI made robots increasingly important to our lives.”

“The forced lockdown that the pandemic imposed on us has accelerated many changes, especially our relationship with robots. Until recently, stroking a robot would have seemed strange to us. The thing that struck us the most was the high level of skills and dexterity of certain models. Until recently, they seemed only possible in research centres.”


Brands using virtual influencers

LG used Reah Keem, a virtual influencer, composer and DJ with almost 8k followers in Instagram, to launch the CLOi robot. It uses UV lamps to protect against infectants. These CLOi robots go around high traffic areas and use UV lights to help reduce exposure to harmful germs.

Moxie promises to teach children a certain degree of emotional intelligence and perhaps replace their imaginary friend and nanny, telling stories, chatting or commenting on events such as a visit to the dentist, thanks to an app controlled by parents.

Busy timetables and working from home can cause stress. Moley Kitchen Chef, a couple of robotic arms that cook meals from scratch – about 5,000 recipes – and clean up afterwards, represent the best solution to save time for yourself.


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