CES 2021 x OMD Italy: Smart Home
27 February 2021

The first ever, four-day virtual CES took place 11-14th January 2021 – the exciting week was filled with product highlights, ancillary partners and exhibitor programing. Despite the impact of COVID-19 felt around the world, the innovation we all know and love from CES transported us into our remote headquarters.

To continue the conversation on the emerging insights and tech trends from CES, discover what OMD Italy has to say on the 5 key trends that were shared this year. The third big trend is about smart home technology.


Smart Home: Personal Headquarter:

Valentina Salice, Head of Business Development said this:

“Smart home devices have until now been considered futuristic, complicated and expensive. However, with the recent health crisis, our homes have become everything to us. The place where everything happens: our offices, our schools, our gyms etc. Technology is undoubtedly the key through which we can make new home experiences as immersive and engaging as possible. These products have the objective of bringing the outside into our homes.”


Brand examples: 

Looking for a flashy office chair? You might want to look at X-Chair’s X-HMT. As well as being ergonomically designed to provide excellent support, it has built-in heating and massaging functions to keep you warm and relaxed as you work.

Working all the time means that no housework gets done. Samsung showed off the Bot Handy, able to recognise and pick up objects of different sizes, shapes and weights, effectively becoming an extension of the user through advanced AI.

Inspired by the practice of Japanese forest bathing, Kohler’s square Stillness Bath creates a spa-like experience at home. Water fills from the bottom of the bath and overflows into a Hinoki wood moat. The tub is surrounded by lighting, and the user can choose to envelop the surface of the bath with fog and add essential oils for aromatherapy, all controlled via an app and the user’s voice.


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