CES 2021 x OMD Italy: Mixed Reality
24 February 2021

The first ever, four-day virtual CES took place 11-14th January 2021 – the exciting week was filled with product highlights, ancillary partners and exhibitor programing. Despite the impact of COVID-19 felt around the world, the innovation we all know and love from CES transported us into our remote headquarters.

To continue the conversation on the emerging insights and tech trends from CES, discover what OMD Italy has to say on the 5 key trends that were shared this year. The second big trend is about mixed reality.


Mixed reality: Digital meets physical 

Antonia Montesano, Head of Digital said this:

“Now that 6 billion people on earth have a smartphone, we are ready for a new technological leap. Digital is ready to come out of our screens and devices, and to merge with the physical world. Mixed reality has arrived. Smart glasses are increasing in popularity and are costing less. Smart contact lenses also exist.”


Brand examples

ThinkReality A3 Smart Glasses produced by Lenovo can be used for different applications like 3D visualisation and augmented reality guided workflows at a time when the world is looking to adopt new technologies for smart collaboration. Lenovo smart glasses can show up to five virtual displays.

Mojo Lens are augmented reality smart contact lens. This device projects information such as images to provide directions, videos for training, and smartphone texts.

Sony Boundless, a campaign launched during CES 2021, to highlight the way Sony and its creators bring together technology and entertainment. The project shares a glimpse of the possibilities of virtual reality for collaboration between artistic creators. No need to be in the same room, studio or film set to work together on the same project. A way to continue the production of music and performances, even thousands of miles away from producers, collaborators and fans.

We already had sensors with accelerometers that check if an elderly person has a sudden fall but now Altum View offers Sentinare, a system of cameras and algorithms that allow not only to identify the lonely person in the house through facial recognition, and warn in case of need those in charge via smartphone, but also to evaluate physical activity and especially night movements.


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