CES 2021 x OMD Italy: Home Entertainment
4 March 2021

The first ever, four-day virtual CES took place 11-14th January 2021 – the exciting week was filled with product highlights, ancillary partners and exhibitor programing. Despite the impact of COVID-19 felt around the world, the innovation we all know and love from CES transported us into our remote headquarters.

To continue the conversation on the emerging insights and tech trends from CES, discover what OMD Italy has to say on the 5 key trends that were shared this year. The fifth big trend is about home entertainment. 


Home Entertainment:

Andrea Panzeri, Business Development Strategist, said this:

“By dimensions, we mean the measures that determine the extent of a body. The two dimensions we most commonly use are: time and space. COVID-19 has changed our perception of both and also the importance we give to the former and the latter. Before COVID-19, we could enjoy an almost infinite extensibility of space, but without being able to multiply the hours at our disposal. With COVID-19, time expanded in front of us, but with a problem: the living space we took for granted shrunk. Entertainment is one of the many sectors impacted by this change. At CES, we noticed some technological proposals with one single aim: hack the spatial dimension of entertainment. Either by redefining the physical dimension of some devices, making them perfect today for home entertainment but also interesting for the future outside of our home, or by taking users into new dimensions to allow them to leave the only space they have been able to live in for the last 12 months.”


Brand examples: 

Watching TV is about to get more comfortable thanks to LG. Its new concept TV rolls out from the foot of the bed and is 40% transparent. It can also work as a smart home device, displaying any kind of information. Designers envision using it in public areas. The Premiere by Samsung is another idea: ultra short-throw laser projector that provides by an immersive viewing experience and a cinema-like quality sound.

CES showed us high-tech chairs that are able to improve gaming and video experiences. But wearing something is better than sitting on it. bHaptics launched a full-body suit that gives users a whole new way to become immersed in their content. It delivers a tactile feedback experience whether you use VR, PC, console gaming or are just watching a movie.

LG Rollable has a resizable screen that allows users to stream content, play games, edit docs and more without needing to squint or zoom. It changes the ratio aspect for display and video content. WOWCube takes on the old Rubik’s cube and features 24 high-resolution screens and eight autonomous modules.


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