Addressing the empathy crisis
Mark Murray Jones
13 November 2020

Originally published on The Drum by Mark Murray Jones.

Much has been written about the crisis that our industry, as well as society at large, faced with declining levels of empathy at a time when it is needed most. All too often, however, these concerns offer no tangible solutions. Here, OMD argues that while the prognosis may look poor, there are very real steps that can be taken, collectively helping to turn the tide at this pivotal moment in time.

A cultural crisis

There can be little argument that empathy is a critical tool for an industry so preoccupied with the art of persuasion. The ability to effectively feel or understand those around us is undeniably central to our success as a species, but it also happens to sit at the heart of some of the most successful marketing campaigns ever seen, often intuitively applied by supremely talented storytellers and thinkers.

As we increasingly seek to connect with overwhelmed and jaded individuals short on trust, patience or attention, the reality is we need those empathic storytellers and thinkers now more than ever.

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