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About us

As a trusted partner to our clients and our people, we measure our success by their success.
OMD Singapore have shown in our work and every story we tell, that the greatest value an agency can offer is speed-to-market and the most informed, intelligent marketing choices delivered.

We believe in investing in our people and capabilities to unlock Brand opportunities – ones that are transformative, measurable and deliver more tangible outcomes for our clients.
Our client partnerships and talent accolades are based on consistent delivery of marketing innovation, best-in-class capabilities and real growth for our client organisations and our people collectively.

The proof

Sadhan Mishra CEO of OMD Singapore

"We are focused on inspiring fearless creativity within OMD and a rewarding culture for our people. Our people are our driving force, and we always use this lens to filter and curate our decision-making. This has helped strengthen our strategic and performance outputs as well as our client relationships."
Sadhan Mishra
CEO, OMD Singapore
Our people

Meet the OMD Singapore team

Our continued success is dependent on our people and the culture we have created. That’s why at OMD Singapore we believe that creating a fearless workplace directly results in our people doing the very best they can for our clients. Our goal at OMD is to Be Fearless Together.

Being an OMDer

Culture is a big part of why I have been at OMD for the past 7.5 years. The management is invested in Dynamic Diversity and inclusion, and these have been and will always be of prime focus. We believe in understanding the capabilities, characteristics, and needs of ever individual within our organization, and how we can best nurture them personally and professionally. We believe that a supportive and empathetic environment helps individuals to realise their maximum potential to grow with OMD.

Zoheb Gafoor

Head of Digital Operations

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