Got It Right With GOMO

How Singtel won back millennials

In 2018, the heat was rising within the competitive telecom market. With many different operators storming onto the scene, millennials were spoilt for choice. But Singtel weren’t going down without a fight. GOMO (Get Out More Often), a no contract SIM only plan, was introduced to win back millennials with an all-new digital mobile experience.


Generations of Singaporeans have grown up with Singtel as a household name. However, anecdotally the brand knew they were often perceived as ‘a brand for your parents’. Singtel needed to create a more vibrant brand identity and attractive product in order to compete in the fight for the millennial dollar.


Using different media channels, Singtel created the GOMO value story. They dominated spaces such as bus stops and train stations, as well as painted Grab cars and shared in-app banners to drive the message home.


The journey didn’t stop there. Singtel partnered with well-known musician, Tosh Zhang, to create a rap video that would communicate the service enhancements and thank customers for their support.

Exceeded conversion target by 330%
New sign-up every
Improved cost per action
Improved cost per lead
Customers taken from competitors

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