Quaker I Owe It To Oats

Quaker's data-driven, digital-first ads lift sales

PepsiCo wanted to re-stage the Quaker brand starting in the UK. To make it happen, alongside creative partner AMV BBDO and programmatic creative partner Adylic, we let data take the lead by building a digital-first campaign using personalization at scale.


Analyzing the search trends among Quaker’s target audiences of health-conscious, exercise lovers enabled us to identify what the creative ads would need to look like. We then produced made-for-YouTube creatives based on these insights and through Dynamic Creative Optimization were able to match each audience segment with the most relevant creative asset. This customized data-driven campaign was all about getting the message across to the right people.


And we did! Incorporating consumer insights into every step of the marketing campaign, we created winning video content that produced best-in-class brand and sales lift results in grocery stores outperforming that of a generic, non-dynamic approach.

The strong results of the data-driven approach are providing actionable insights that can be used to drive media and creative effectiveness among other PepsiCo brands in markets around the world.
Sales lift in brick and mortar grocery stores
Outperformed generic campaigns
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