Dream fuel Gatorade 5v5

Dream fuel PepsiCo Gatorade 5v5

There are few connections like the one between a football team and the country it represents. The pride of seeing your national identity in a global competition generates a following like no other. We helped Gatorade tap into this powerful force with Gatorade 5v5 – a five-a-side tournament where teenagers competed for a chance to wear their country’s colors on a global stage.


For Gatorade, 5v5 was the perfect vehicle to enhance its connection with young footballers while also showing the benefits of its product. Over 3,000 teams from Latin America, Europe and the USA were invited to play. Each country held a local tournament to select a ‘national’ team to play in the final before the UEFA Champions League final.


Meanwhile we built a communication strategy bringing together the rational and emotional: telling the story of how Gatorade gives these young players the science to achieve maximum performance – and the chance to achieve their dreams.

55 million people followed their Gatorade 5v5 team by the end of the activation.
Engagement rate vs. 5% benchmark
Fans following the Gatorade 5v5 tournament
Awards & Press
Best Integrated Campaign
Festival of Media Latin America 2017
Best Engagement Strategy
Festival of Media Latin America 2017

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