Wake Up Breakfast

Breakfast that is more than just "good enough"

Why does breakfast always have to be the pre-packaged, sub-standard option? Especially when McDonald’s has a freshly prepared breakfast on offer.


In collaboration with our entertainment and content marketing division, The Content Collective, we saw an opportunity to embrace a prime time/late night environment that celebrates individualism. In partnership with Viacom, we enlisted fan-favorite talent and aligned ourselves against highly anticipated programming. With a little humor and shade, we created custom PSA style spots extolling the benefits of a good breakfast vs. sub-par options.


We also provided a unique delivery experience with Fooji for customers to invigorate their mornings with a “Morning Eggsentials Kit” creating brand affinity and promoting trials.


McDonald’s prides itself on being one of the most inclusive brands on earth. The co-promotional content featured diverse talent, including entertainer extraordinaire, Shangela. This created an additional 2MM in earned PR impressions, with praise from LGBTQNation, Vulture, The Takeout, Instinct Magazine, and NY Magazine.

89% of fans visited a McDonald's within weeks of exposure.
Lift in perception of McDonald's
Custom content segments
Total social engagements
Increase in message awareness

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