The Meggnificent Billboard

Puerto Rico
One-of-a-kind McDonald's breakfast

To re-launch McDonald’s breakfast platform, we came up with a heavenly way to showcase a new morning combo offer. Tapping into the local fascination with astrological events like Super Moons, Blood Moons and eclipses, we created a man-made ‘astrological event’ around a one-of-a-kind eclipse.


We placed a custom-sized billboard, strategically aligned with the sun to create an eclipse effect and streamed the event on Facebook. Once the sun was at the center of the billboard – creating an egg yolk effect – a promotion with free breakfast was available in all restaurants.  Teasers drove consumers to the live stream for the promotion, and directed them to show the live stream at the counter to claim their free breakfast.

More than 2,300 McDonald's breakfast offers were claimed increasing sales by 10%.
Sales increase
Breakfast offers claimed
Live stream viewers

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