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Growing Levi's eCommerce capabilities

Growing Levi's eCommerce capabilities

Social Influencers and slashed prices are a challenge for brands like Levi’s, who need to stay ahead of fast fashion. So, we built them the capability to do exactly that, marrying eCommerce with brand activity for the first time. Taking 28 online stores across 19 European markets (including Russia and Turkey), we pioneered an ‘Agile Commerce’ approach, which would drive faster decision-making and ‘commerciality’ of media and audience planning. It prioritized new customers and online revenue, honing in on process, people and technology to drive fast decisions and planning for profit.


For it to work, we needed everyone across the board, on board. We partnered with the Levi’s teams on content – from social to ‘post-click’ – to bring stakeholders up to speed on the space between brand and commerce. By sharing dashboards, training and our OMD Design planning process, local brand activity met eCommerce for the first time. And with a framework in place for fluid budgets, sales goals were smashed – the ‘smart’ way.

Our work has delivered more than 12 consecutive quarters of online store revenue growth, including Levi’s biggest online sales day ever – Black Friday 2018.
Consecutive quarters of online revenue growth
Year-on-year net revenue for European online stores in 2018
Record year-on-year online sales for Black Friday 2018
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