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Giving women their time back

Breast Cancer is a serious problem in the Dominican Republic. This is why La Sirena, one of the biggest department stores in the country, wanted to motivate women to perform a breast self-exam. Early detection is a big step in winning the fight against this disease.


La Sirena decided to initiate a unique collaboration with leading TV programs and their most influential people, to perform a simple live action. A live action that would give women all over the country the time they said they didn’t have.


The department store convinced the TV shows to end their program a few minutes earlier and stay live on-air, to give women the time to do a self-exam.


The hosts of the program would exit, leaving an empty set with no content to show. An overlay redirected them to the La Sirena Facebook account, where they could find a step-by-step video on how to do it correctly. The video also invited them to La Sirena stores, where trained physicians would perform mammograms for free.

Over 4,000 mammograms booked on the day the campaign launched
Video reach on Facebook
Influential hosts echoed the message

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