Illuma Organic

The Green Parents’ Data Farm

Hong Kong
Growing data the organic way

When new milk powder ‘Illuma Organic’ launched in Hong Kong, they wanted to target a highly specific audience: premium moms who had a genuine interest in organic products. Conventional data technology wasn’t detailed enough, so how could Illuma zero in on the audience they wanted?


We decided that, if the data wasn’t available, we’d grow it ourselves. Partnering with Yahoo we launched the Green Parents’ Data Farm, an info hub about organic milk powder that generated customized stories to engage moms via Yahoo’s premium portals.


To engage the audience even deeper we also built a real-time chatbot that sat within common banner space – a media first. It provided information, answered doubts and gave moms promotional offers as an extra incentive to buy.

We exceeded campaign targets while increasing post campaign sales and winning a large % of market share in just 3 months.
Audiences engaged with the chatbot
Premios y Prensa
Marketing Campaign of the Year
Global Marketing Excellence Awards 2017
Best Digital Campaign
Dragons of Asia 2018
Brand Excellence in Pharmaceutical
The Golden Globe Tigers 2018

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