Increasing sales through Empathy

They walk among us. The tech zombies. Babies burbling over breakfast with a tablet, kids chowing down with only a console for company, and tweens mindlessly scrolling through the day. All over Europe, a generation has developed a closer relationship with their technology than with their parents. It was time to take back control – before it’s too late! We invited children from all over Italy to record a message for their parents, telling them what their greatest desire really was: that their parents would spend more time playing with them.


Triggering a viral social sharing mechanism, we reached over 25 million parents with our story which was then picked up by major newspapers and TV newscasts. As soon as we obtained the maximum emotional impact with the right message, we activated the second step: reaching the right people. Finally, using this data for a retargeting campaign, we highlighted that the sole purpose at the heart of our products is to bring families together. Placing the call to action on e-commerce ultimately fueled Hasbro’s sales, returning the desire to play not only for children but also for adults. In an era of digital distraction, we managed to decrease screen time and increase family time.

We achieved a staggering +27% sell-out meaning we outpaced Fortnite 2:1 in the key campaign period.
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