Empowering the Kenyan Youth

Providing a platform that will connect and create success

For the young people of Kenya, the path to success isn’t always the conventional ‘finish school, go to university, get a job.’ The youth are entrepreneurial and ready to create their own success, but need a bit of help from people who’ve done it before.


Blaze is a mobile network for the Youth of Kenya, so to generate revenue they need their customers to be successful. However, the unemployment rate for Kenyan youth is over 25%. So for Blaze to grow as a business, they needed to support the people who would be supporting them.


We created a mentoring platform called BYOB (Build Your Own Business), connecting self-made mentors to budding young entrepreneurs across Kenya. BYOB told the stories of successful mentors through content within popular youth TV and Radio programmes, online comic strips, and on targeted OOH sites around campuses and youth zones. This culminated in a BYOB summit, where young people could learn to pitch, develop and expand their business ideas.

Over 30,000 Kenyan youth were trained in core business skills.
Revenue growth
Subscription growth
Awareness of Blaze’s product offering within a month of launch

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